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SANDFEST 2008 July 8 - 13

Conditions were tough as we experienced high winds that made the event challenging to say the least. We even nicknamed our event "Windfest". At times, we felt more like FEMA relief workers rather than motorsports enthusiasts. But, the attendees stuck it out and the sponsors/vendors battened down the hatches. It became apparent to many of us that true duners never let something like mother nature deter them from their fun in the sun and sand. But, we do extend our heartfelt apologies for the inconveniences caused by the winds, especially program changes and delays. Please believe us when we say safety was foremost in our minds. We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our hard-working SandFest staff and volunteers that worked their tails off under extreme conditions to make the SandFest 2008 safe and eventful. They truly defined the term "determined". It was equally incredible to watch the sponsors and vendors work together to help each other out under the shifting sands. Kudos to you all!

In addition, we especially want to thank the Bay Area community (North Bend and Coos Bay) that welcomed us with open arms. We appreciate the hard work by Coos County, especially the Commisioners' Office, the Sheriff's' Department, the County Road Staff, the Planning Department, the Parks Department, the OLCC, the First Responders and the Health Department. We also pay special tribute to good local folks like Tess, Zeff, Stormy, Tim (Knife River) and so many others that gave freely of their hard work. And without you all, we couldn't have pulled this off. Thank you-Thank you-Thank you!

Please accept our invitation to join us in 2009. You will not believe what we have on the table. Stay tuned for dates and details soon. See ya there!




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